"Empowering Growth and Success through Strategic Services."

At Black Joy Consulting, we specialize in empowering communities and corporations through effective advocacy, strategic outreach, and comprehensive consulting services. Our mission is rooted in fostering joy and resilience while driving positive change in policy, advocacy, and community engagement.

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Get the knowledge and advice your business deserves.

We understand your business

What sets us apart is our multifaceted approach, combining nonprofit consulting, lobbying, grassroots organizing, and small business coaching to offer clients a comprehensive and customized strategy for success.

We offer you a personalized approach

We offer our clients a personal approach by understanding the client needs, building relationships, providing customized solutions, flexible service delivery, responsive communication. Our team consistently seeks feedback allowing us the opportunity to add personal touches.

We use our expertise to your advantage

Black Joy Consulting leverages its expertise to advance clients' goals by providing strategic advocacy, tailored campaign training, effective outreach for initiatives, informed cannabis policy guidance, enhanced nonprofit engagement, and impactful public speaking. These services empower clients to navigate complex landscapes, amplify their voices, mobilize communities, and drive positive change with confidence and effectiveness.

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  • Private and Public Sector Lobbying
  • Advocacy Lobbying
  • Campaign Training & Development
  • Training Development
  • Campaign Outreach
  • Cannabis Policy Expert
  • Nonprofit Engagement and Training
  • Public Speaking
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